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With decades of experience in the commercial space of connected electronics that became the smart home, Kingsbridge are your connected partners for the connected home. If smart home is your focus, we’ll help you build and accelerate a stronger, thriving business. We offer our partners a rare blend of deep expertise and strong industry relationships and help them go-to-market and expand their existing market in areas of consumer technology, consumer IoT, and consumer goods.

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Listen to analysts and they’ll tell you that one day everything will be connected. But that’s not the commercial reality; things will only be connected if there is real value in it.

Kingsbridge helps you unlock that value and the sales that come with it. We help you understand that the future doesn’t belong to IoT but actually to the Internet of Intelligent Things, and we help you position your company to benefit the next industrial revolution; hyperconnectivity.

Kingbridge services

IoT is global. That’s why Kingsbridge clients benefit not only from its unparalleled experience in the connected space, but also from its global relationships. From its manufacturing relationships across China to its sales channels that straddle continents, Kingsbridge knows IoT, knows the players in it, and knows where it's heading. That’s why Kingsbridge is able to offer a full service agency, from brand conception to product sale, with true industry experience underpinning every decision and recommendation.

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